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The Home Based Pharmacist Part 1

A few months ago, I wrote a story about my tenant who had a hard time keeping his hands to himself where beating up his girlfriend was concerned.  After speaking to the female half of the couple, I received no new complaints from my upstairs tenants about the downstairs tenants.

Strangely though, within three months of moving in, the upstairs tenants felt the need to change the locks on the door without notifying me.  When I realized that the locks had been changed I demanded to a copy of the key and the reason why the locks had been changed.  The husband said that he wasn’t comfortable with the amount of people coming in and out of the house.  When I asked him what he meant, he decided not to elaborate. Read more »


Landlord Whips Tenant for Rent Owed

You might have fantasized about whipping your tenant for not paying the rent, but actually doing it is another thing.  According to a complaint filed by against his former Ohio landlord, Ronald Kronenberger allegedly spanked the tenant for falling behind on his rent to the tune of $2,000.

Not only is Mr. Kronenberger accused of spanking his former tenant, but a mentally disabled man who volunteered in the grocery store owned by Mr. Kronenberger alleges that he was spanked on the bare buttocks on four separate occasions.  Sounds like someone might be acting out a fantasy.

Mr. Kronenberger currently has assault charges pending which will be dropped in six months if he stays out of trouble and away from his former tenant.

You can’t spank your tenants!


My Tenants Have An Abusive Relationship

Normally, I don’t really pay too much attention to what my tenants do as long as they are not tearing down my house, leaving trash all over the property or neglecting to pay their rent.  This time, however, is different.  You see, one set of my tenants have an abusive relationship.

These particular tenants have only been living in my home for two months.  A second set of tenants move in to the apartment upstairs and within two weeks I began receiving complaints about the first set of tenants.  But hints of what was occurring started before that. Read more »


Report Your Former Tenants to the Credit Bureaus

If you’ve been a landlord for more than one day, then you have undoubtedly encountered the phenomena of the non-paying tenant.  Some of these individuals might have fallen on hard times or might even be professional renters who do not pay before moving on to the next unsuspecting victim landlord.  But, you can make sure that your tenant does not get away without any repercussions, and it might even help the next unsuspecting victim by reporting the amount that your tenant owes to the credit reporting agencies.

When this information is reported to the credit agencies, a number of things can happen:

  • The debt will be visible on tenant’s credit report as a collection
  • It may prompts a former tenant to resolve the balance to secure credit
  • The outstanding debt will impact tenant’s credit score until resolved
  • This information is visible to potential landlords Read more »

I’m Firing The Management Company

I’ve decided that I’m firing my management company.

The entire premise of this site is to talk about bad tenants, roommates and even landlords.  I’ve certainly shared enough horror stories to give a few people pause about whether they want to deal with the rental property business.  The country where my rental property is located actually passed a law requiring that absentee landlords have a local property manager, so I was doing myself a favor by hiring one anyway.

After finally getting rid of my tenant from hell, I took the advice offered by many individuals and hired a management company.  But, I did my due diligence, or at least I thought that I did.  I looked for the largest management company in the area.  I checked the BBB for any complaints about them, checked that they readily returned phone calls, and even a few of the references that were provided.  I asked around for some management companies and was told that their name kept coming up.  Great!  I have a good company. Read more »


How To Be A Landlord

There are several factors someone should consider in order to learn how to be a landlord.  Figuring out how to be a landlord while minimizing stress and headache from potential problem tenants is not as complicated as someone may believe. It requires a lot of work up front, but it will be well worth the effort.

Before I go into exactly what to do, I want to give a quick and dirty (haha…yes I like that statement) background on me in order to show you why and how I qualify to be an expert/authority on the topic. I graduated from CSUN with a double major in Real Estate and Finance and went on to become an investment banker for a major financial institution. After a little over a year, I realized as much as I liked Wall Street, I liked Real Estate much, much more! I left investments and joined the exciting world of law enforcement in order to do something exciting that allowed me to work 3 days/week so I could have time for my true passion, real estate rental income property investments. I now own several rental income properties that generate a positive cash flow for me and I’m happy to say I’m a well liked landlord (yup you read it correct) and I have long-term happy tenants!

Read more »


Renting Rooms Has Its Issues Too

Sandy has a series of post detailing the ordeal with her undesirable (I think this may be an understatement) tenant.  I’ve read these posts and the way she described the situation, it makes me think her tenant was an irresponsible hoarder with a really BIG dog that put about a million years of wear on the house in less than a year.

Now, from a landlord’s perspective regardless of whether the tenant paid the rent on time every month or not, this is probably the most undesirable tenant you can have PERIOD.  There is no way to sugar coat this tenant, but I have to give credit to Sandy in describing the positive aspects of her current tenant to another landlord. Read more »


Tenant Hits Elderly Landlord with Hammer

According to reports by Pueblo, Colorado police, a landlord-tenant dispute ended badly when the tenant allegedly attacked his landlord, hitting her in the head with a hammer.

The victim, a 65-year old woman whose not was not released by police is said to be in serious condition at her local hospital with a depressed skull fracture.
Read more »


iScreen Tenants Tattle Tales on Bad Tenants

Watch out bad tenants.  A new service has launched to help landlords weed out horrible tenants.

Former landlord referrals are a waste of time, since a tenant can just give you the contact information of a friend to play their landlord.  Or, landlords ready to get rid of their horrible tenants might just want to get rid of a problem by saying that the tenant was okay. Read more »


London Rental Market Ripe for Landlords

If you have flats to rent in London, you might just be sitting on a cash cow!  According to Richard Bowser, the editor of monthly magazine Property Investment News, due to a shortage of rental properties, in London, letting prices have increased by 23%  in the city in the last two years.   Since 2009, average monthly rents in England and Wales have climbed by about 8%, according to LSL Property Services. It all boils down to supply and demand, and London apparently does not have enough private rental properties to meet the burgeoning demand.

According to The Guardian, “more than 1 million families with children now rent privately – a 77% increase in two years.”  Young people have also found themselves trapped in a rising rental market from which the obvious escape – to buy a home – is extremely difficult. Read more »