This website, My Tenant From Hell, was born because of my experience with my own tenant from hell.  On April 7, 2010 I purchased an investment property with a tenant that was already occupying the home.  After the previous owner assured me that the tenant was a good one, I chose to keep her as a tenant.  What ensued was months of late payments, lots of excuses, outright lies and a huge pile of dog feces.  You can read a little but more about that on my other blog, Yes, I Am Cheap.

It is my goal to give new real estate investors like me the tools that they will need to deal with tenants that do not pay the rent, destroy property or are just general nuisances.    If you have a story or a video about your own tenant from hell, please feel free to share them here so that we can all learn from your experience.  Register to post your own story.  If you are a tenant with a landlord from hell story, we accept those two.  It’s okay if your story was previously published.  Hey, venting is good for you.

A few rules though.  Please keep the language kind of clean and do not use the last names of your tenants.  Last initials are accepted. Remember, if you rent it, they will come.

bad tenant

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