Even Room Renters Can Be From Hell

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The following is a guest post from Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, where she covers spending, savings, and the fun stuff along the way.

My husband and I bought our home 4 years ago.  A year later we realized we had an extra bedroom that we never used and a $740 mortgage that annoyed me.  Then we made what sounded like an amazing idea – we rented out our spare bedroom and bathroom.

Our first tenant was actually a friend who was perfect except he moved out after 4 months.  Sad for us, but not a good story for you.

The second tenant was a man who worked close by, was super clean, fixed a few things for me around the house, and paid on time every month without being asked.  He actually stayed for more than a year and I was super sad when he left.  Again, not a tenant from hell.

Then we met “Dick”.  I found Dick on Craigslist just like I found the last guy, but here was one weird guy.  He acted like he was high all of the time, but he wasn’t.  He also acted as if he never had done business with anyone in his whole life.  Every rent check was like a painful grab for gold.  Every time we interacted, it was like talking to silly putty.  But the real fun didn’t start until he decided our cable company wasn’t good enough for us.

Dick decided to get his own connection without telling us.  A month-ish later, we receive a bill for $70 for a cable company we don’t have.  I then realized my name wasn’t on the bill…it was Dick.  When I asked Dick about it, he acted like I was out-of-line thinking that my husband and I had complete control over the services in our own home…grrr…

Of course, the real fun didn’t happen until I asked Dick to move out a month later.  Once he was finally gone, I found some fun things.  He had dismantled the smoke detector, left something slimy all over the counter in the bathroom, and there was strange smell in the bedroom that I couldn’t get rid of for months (thank the Lord for baking soda and newspaper).  Needless to say, he only got the tiny part of his deposit that was left after I paid a very awesome housekeeper to help me out.

Yep, Dick was the end of our room rental part of life.  I’m now much happier with the extra storage space, no weird smells, and the ability to walk around in whatever I want to wear.  I do miss getting $500 of my $740 mortgage paid every month though, so now I’m on a budget

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Image courtesy of ABC television and isn’t really “Dick”.
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