Renter Accused of Burgling Landlord’s Barn Arrested for Forgery, Identity Theft, Property Damage and Issuing Bad Checks

A Southbury man previous arrested for 15 counts of burglary was arrested again Sunday for forgery, damaging property, issuing bad checks and identity theft.

Deane Moss, 49, of 1092 Roxbury Road was accused of damaging property at the property he had been arrested for burgling; Moss and his family had been renting the house at 516 South Main Street at the time and have since been evicted.

After leaving that house, Moss attempted to use another’s identity — 81 year old Deane Moss, Jr. — to show a good credit score to use in renting another house.  After that failed, police say Moss fabricated over $25,000 in bank checks to rent the house. 

The renter discovered the checks were false after Moss moved in and reported him to the police.

Moss has been charged with four counts of first degree forgery, one count of first degree identity theft, criminal damage to a landlord’s property, third degree larceny and five counts of issuing a bad check.

 In December, Moss was charged with fifteen counts of third degree burglary and one count of first-degree larceny.  He is due to plea to these charges Tuesday, Feb. 15.

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