Stalker or Obsessed Roommate?

This story comes from Lynn, a reader of this site. Sometimes an apartment just isn’t worth it, and it’s time to move!

So, I have been living in this house since December 2010 [Editor’s note: already too long in my opinion]. The landlord – a guy – lives there and at the time so did 3 other girls (some have moved out and others moved out).

At first everything was fine, then he started to ask questions about my sex life with my boyfriend and said that he knows we aren’t having sex anymore and that maybe its because I smell down there and that I should shave or maybe I should wear a naughty school girl outfit. For one, I didn’t tell him we were having issues about this but he knew? And it wasn’t like we weren’t having sex, just not frequently. He somehow knew that I bought a sex toy for my boyfriend and asked how much it was and where I had gotten it from so he could get one himself. I DONT JUST TELL PEOPLE THIS!!

At this point a new girl moved into the master bedroom upstairs and she was causing problems. We found out that she was a stripper and an escort etc….It was just so uncomfortable. When my boyfriend came over one day she walked out to his car in nothing but a t-shirt and knocked on his window like I wasn’t there at all. Then when I looked over at her she turned around and “dropped” something and bent over and EVERYTHING was in my boyfriends face. the landlord would always say that he didn’t want her here but then he would say that he could totally have sex with her and that he should go to her work one day. He told me one morning that he was going to start getting really creepy around her so she would leave. I told him to just ask her to clean (she refused to clean anything). But instead of doing that he told me that she was downstairs in his room and he sat next to her and started masturbating. She supposedly just sat there but who knows if this actually even happened.
She left the following week.

now when I first moved in he told me that he was on probation for a stupid college prank…but as time went on I got 3 other stories about why he was on probation. so I decided to look him up online. what I found is like unfathomable. 2 dozen counts of child porn. assault. trespassing. fraudulently owning a talent agency. burglary of an occupied dwelling. and a friend who was going to move in told me that he told her that since she is on probation too that he’ll tell her the truth about why he is on probation, he told her that his charges were armed burglary. I just don’t know what to think anymore.

oh, and according to him the upstairs bedroom is cursed. not too long ago he was upstairs helping a tenant leave the master bedroom AGAIN, and he supposedly opened this jewelry box from a previous tenant that practiced black magic or something like that. well he said that when he opened the box that both him and the leaving tenant heard a loud bang and then a dragging noise. when I came home an hour later the painting my boyfriend did for me was off the wall and pushed up against my bed. I went and asked him if my painting fell and if he pushed it against my bed. then, he proceeded to tell me about the demon being in my room now and that the demon is trying to tell me something about my boyfriend because it was the painting he made for me. he really pushed my boyfriend being a bad person and that the demon knows he has a bad spirit or something along those lines. it was very frustrating, he kept going on about the box so I went upstairs put the box in a garbage bag and told him that if he really thinks that the box is the reason that weird stuff happens then throw it away. he kept saying but I don’t want to keep it I my room. I never said to keep it in his room, ever! the next morning I woke up and saw the box sitting on the back porch, clearly he wants to keep this demon charade going.

another annoying story….

I got a kitten and he said that it was okay to have her there, well when I left for work the following day he said he would feed her and that was it. well, when I got home he told me that he called a vet to get info for me on how to care for a kitten, okay, I never asked him to do that and I have had kittens before. he gave ME a feeding schedule! I told him he needs to stop being a know it all, and he casually looked at me and said ” but I am the all knowing.” I just walked away; I didn’t even know what to say to him. the next day he told me that my kitten got outside even though I told him to not let her on the back porch because she was raised as an outside cat. but he put her out back even though he knew there was a rip in the screen. so she got out and climbed the 25 foot oak tree and at the time he said she jumped down into a new roommates arms. the following day I come home and he starts tell me that my cat is mentally retarded and that she has no left eye. I was freaking out, I started crying because he said her eye would roll all the way to back of her head and all he saw was a skin flap or something like that. I rushed her to the vet and they said that cats had 3rd eyelids that will come down sometimes and that it’s nothing to worry about. when I got home I told him and he gave me a dirty look like I was lying, then he told me that he thinks that when the cat landed on the ground that it messed up her nerves. so right there I caught him in a lie, he said the cat jumped into someone’s arms but now he is saying she jumped to the ground. I told him that I had to get rid of her and he called me bi-polar I told him not to call me that he said “well then what are you? tri polar?” I told him he needs to back off and stop talking to me that way.

the night I got rid of the kitten I was talking to him and I said oh yeah well rob and I will get a kitten when we move in together and he starts to go off, saying that my boyfriend will never be stable. and that he’s been there and done that and we won’t ever work and if we get married we wont last. I began to get very angry and told he needs to back off and that I don’t understand why he gets so involved in my life. he follows me to my room and keeps going on about my boyfriend. (we have been together for over 3 years and I never air my dirty laundry about our relationship to anyone so I don’t know why he has such a problem with him).

about 2 weeks later I come home and he starts asking if I have ever been alone and that I should just leave my boyfriend because by the time im 22 im going to need to be alone because he knows from experience. I began to scream stop it and he kept asking why while laughing. I told him I am not him and don’t need to be alone and that rob and I are very happy and he needs to leave me alone. but he continued. he finally stopped when my boyfriend called because I was texting him the whole time. the next morning he acted as if nothing even happened the night before. there are so many more stories, I’m just so frustrated and needed some feedback on everything.

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