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The Tenant Who Wanted To Fight

This week’s story again comes from Financial Uproar.  Sometimes cultural differences and a language barrier can result in a fighting stance. I rent out my basement. For the most part, I’ve had good tenants. My current tenant is moving out at the end of June, because she got pregnant and wants her own place for […]

The Creepy Roommate

Today’s post is from Financial Uproar.  This post reminds up to be careful who we rent to.  If you don’t have a good feeling about the person, it might be your intuition telling you to run! Shortly after I bought my house in 2008, I was on a bit on a kick to try to […]

Tenant Kills Super Over Unpaid Rent

Cops are hunting a cold-blooded killer who plunged a knife into the chest of a building super who was trying to collect overdue rent, police said Saturday. The super, Shayne Sinclair, was collecting for the landlord around 8:30 p.m. Friday at a single room occupancy building in Brooklyn. Sinclair, 40, was taken to Brookdale University […]

Bad Tenant Incidents and Lessons Learned

My doppelganger, Sandy L from First Gen American has some seriously awful tenants from hell.  Her mother, Babci, used to have tenants but managing them got to be such a burden, Sandy and her family actually sold the home to get away from having to deal with tenants.  We can all learn a lot from […]

Court Hears How “Tenant From Hell” Trashed Home

A frustrated mother claims her house has been trashed by a “tenant from hell” who refused to pay almost £4,000 in rent. Lynda Howroyd thought Steven Wakeham – a childhood friend of her son Nick – would have been ideal to rent her home in Pucklechurch while she was temporarily living in Spain last year. […]

Problem is Bad Tenants, Not Landlords

In response to the ongoing assault on landlords and local taxpaying, attentive, responsible, multiunit property owners, I would like to assign blame where it belongs. I’d bet you even money that it isn’t the property owners (landlords) who are routinely abusing, neglecting or abandoning their properties. Go to the courthouse in Pittsfield and talk to […]

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Even Room Renters Can Be From Hell

The following is a guest post from Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, where she covers spending, savings, and the fun stuff along the way. My husband and I bought our home 4 years ago.  A year later we realized we had an extra bedroom that we never used and a $740 mortgage that […]

Silence. It’s Just Good Business

Our first tenant from hell story comes from Greg McFarlane.  Greg runs and wrote the book, Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense, a financial primer for people who want results, not coddling. Get the physical or Kindle edition and contact him at Greg at ControlYourCash dot com.  The original entry can be found […]

Hello world!

Hi!  I’m Sandy, and I run a blog called Yes, I Am Cheap. That blog is a debt reduction blog and you can read all about my efforts to get out of debt over there but that’s not what this blog is about.  This blog is about my tenant and your tenant.  By far, some […]