UK Website Lists Bad Tenants

A website has been launched to protect the nation’s landlords, local authorities and letting agents from nightmare tenants.

Lorna Rose, of Cricklade, has joined forces with two property experts to create TenantID to provide information about the history of prospective tenants which could save the lettings industry millions of pounds a year.

Lorna, 42, of Chelworth Road, the director of the new company, said: “A recent survey showed that rent arrears in this country have reached a staggering £276m.

“It also showed almost one out of every eight tenants is either late or behind with their rent.

“This is having a serious effect on those who make their living from renting properties – especially those for whom it is their only source of income.

“Add to this the trail of damage and destruction some tenants leave behind them and the fact some people breach their tenancy agreements in outrageous ways and it is clear any source of information about the track record of tenants is going to be of enormous value to the lettings industry.”

TenantID is a database run for members of a nationwide network of letting agents, landlords and local authorities.

Each member uploads information about their tenants and that information becomes available to the others in the network.

If a tenant has not paid rent, damaged a property, or simply vanished owing money to the landlord, then that information will be stored in the database.

However, the information will only go live if approved by the tenant – so essentially, it will be more a recommendation list than a blacklist of tenants.

“This is a simple tick system which collects factual information,” Lorna said.

“What we are looking for are ideal tenants – people who are trouble free and who pay their rent.

“TenantID is not a blacklist as it includes all a landlord’s tenants but it will show straight away who is a safer bet to hand over a front door key to.”

Lorna, who has let property herself, has joined forces with property specialists Hertford- shire-based Gary and Ruth Henderson to form TenantID.

Lorna said: “We are targeting all landlords, local authorities and letting agencies throughout the UK. The more people who join and provide the data we need, the better the service will be to everyone involved.

“We passionately believe this is a vital weapon in the war against bad tenants – all we need is the support of those we are trying to help and this could dramatically decrease the chances of nightmare tenants keeping landlords awake at night.”

The site address is

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